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AHSAA Eligibility 101

Steps for your child to become eligible to participate in athletics at Dothan High School.

  1. Pass four core (English, Math, Science, History).
  2. Pass two electives (P.E., Spanish, Psychology, DTC class).
  3. Composite average of 70.
  4. Home school students will be required to submit four core course grades from their home school program to the school at the end of the school year for academic eligibility beginning with grade 7 through the end of the first semester in grade 12.
    • All electives must be taken through the school. Only core courses may be accepted from the home school program.
    • Home school students (9-12) must enroll and attend two electives through the school. Only one unit in P. E. may be counted towards eligibility.
  5. Create a DragonFly account ( as a parent and add your child to your account. This will be an option on the parent’s “Today” page.  Athletes can create their own.  However, if a parent creates their own account, they can sign all the forms online.  Our school code is SPEUXT.
  6. Eligibility paperwork can be taken care of three different ways. Turn in all hard copies to the head coach, upload all hard copies into DragonFly or sign all forms in DragonFly and not deal with hard copies (except the physical form, must be signed by a M.D. or D.O. and then uploaded).
    1. Copy of birth certificate. (one time)
    2. Concussion form with 2021-2022 watermark. (annual)
    3. Participant consent form with 2021-2022 watermark. (annual)
    4. Physical on the correct form (Rev. 2018 Form 5). (annual)
    5. NFHS sportsmanship certificate, (one time)
  7. Athletic insurance fee, $50

2021 – 2022 AHSAA New and Need to Know By-Laws

  1. Proposal No. 1: Rule 3, Section 15 was amended to remove a note that prohibited a coach from working with an in-season athlete for an out-of-season sport during the allowable two hours per week for that sport.  In October, a football player is allowed to work on skills with his baseball coach as long as both coaches agree.
  2. Proposal No. 3: Amended Rule 1, Section 6 to state:  “Members of any school team may receive private individual instruction in a group setting ONLY with members from their school or feeder school.  Four softball players may go to the same private hitting coach at the same time.
  3. Proposal No. 12: In the sport of football, if the visiting school forfeits in year one of a two-year contract period, the school that forfeited should travel in year two. The money from ticket sales during year two should then be split between the two schools.  School A was the visiting team during the 2020 season but had to forfeit due to team in quarantine.  In 2021, School A will travel to School B, and the gate will be split between School A and School B.
  4. Proposal No. 14: If a school does not have spring evaluations, the football team may start fall practice one week early and participate in one preseason jamboree the week prior to a team’ first varsity contest regardless of whether a team’s regular season begins Week Zero or Week One.  School does not have spring evaluations. School may start fall practice one week early (July 26, 2021).  After a minimum of thirteen days of practice, school may participate in one preseason scrimmage game on Aug. 12/13th or Aug. 19/20th if Week Zero is open.  School begins regular season contests on Aug. 26/27th week.
  5. Proposal No. 19: Allows spring sports to start practice on the third Monday of January (Martin Luther King Jr. holiday), beginning in the 2022-2023 school year. (First contest dates will not be adjusted unless the practice start dates prevent 13 full days of practice before the first contest.)
  6. Enrollment Rule. In order to be eligible, a student (traditional or non-traditional) must be enrolled within the first 20 days of the semester as a regular student in the school that serves the area where the parents reside and where the student will participate. Note:  A student must be enrolled at a school in order to participate in practice, tryouts or interscholastic contests.
  7. Age Rule. A student is ineligible to participate in high school interscholastic athletics if he/she reaches his/her 19th birthday prior to August 1, he/she shall be eligible for the entire school year as far as the Age Rule is concerned.
  8. Fifty Percent Rule. Has been eliminated.  The 50% rule will expire May 31, 2021.
  9. Outside Participation Rule. A student who is a member of any school athletic team (grades 7-12) may not participate (includes practice) on a non-school team in the same sport during the school season of that sport. A student who is a member of any member school athletic team may not participate on a non-school team’s activity.
  10. Transfer Rule. A student that enrolls in one school and later transfers to, or enrolls in, another school shall not be eligible immediately to represent the latter school in any varsity athletic contest. For eligibility purposes a student is normally considered enrolled when the student has attended school and class on the third day.
  11. A student that transfers to or enrolls in another school may practice and compete at sub-varsity level if all other requirements are met.
  12. A student is not eligible to compete at varsity level until all transfer rules and other requirements are met.
  13. A student is allowed only one transfer per school year under these circumstances. This transfer option is available one time per year at the beginning of any semester. Any additional transfer must meet all applicable transfer rules. To compete at the varsity level, all eligibility requirements, including transfer rules, must be met.